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Bishop Kwame Gilbert has been a Pastor for twenty-five years, and has served in several capacities including that of Youth and Christian Education and evangelism Director; an executive member of the State Council of the Church of God in Guyana. He is currently the senior pastor of the Kingdom Community International Church in Kitchener Ontario. A prolific writer and conference speaker on organizational development,  Dr. Gilbert brings his experiences as a government official and Member of Parliament to bear on teaching the Kingdom Principles of Transformational Leadership.  Dr. Gilbert holds a Bachelor's Degree in Christian Education from Weslyan Bible College; Masters in Conflict Resolution; Masters in Global Human Resource Management, University of Liverpool UK.; Doctorate in Organizational Leadership from Logos University and Graduate School, Florida. He is also a John Maxwell Certified Coach and speaker, and is a trained behavioural consultant and corporate trainer.   He is married to the beautiful Rona Gilbert, and has two sons, Jered and Edrei.

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From Good Intentions to Intentional Living

The world is filled with people who have good or even great intentions about the things they would like to do and who they would like to become. But good intentions are never enough to change your life. Overweight people have good intentions about losing weight. Unemployed people have good intentions about getting a job. A cheating husband or wife have good intentions about quitting the affair. Yet for all of these good intentions, these individuals are still where they are; while hoping to get to where they desire to be, all the while wondering how to get out of the rut. The answer is in moving from good intentions to Intentional living. In Joshua Chapter one verse 8, God tells Joshua "If you observe to DO whatsoever I have commanded you, then you shall make your way prosperous and have good success.” / DESIRE / DECISION/ DELIBERATE ACTION/ DISCIPLINE.

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