About Dr. Kwame

Dr. Kwame Gilbert in a grey suit

About Dr. Kwame Gilbert

As the Executive Director of Syndicate Leadership Development ( SLD) I have had the privilege of being the keynote speaker for conventions and conferences, conducted leadership development workshops for churches, businesses, and governmental organizations.

As a Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, I draw on my years of experience in the private and public sectors, as a Presidential Advisor and former Member of Parliament for many years.

I have also greatly benefitted through the experience and knowledge gained from earning a Master’s degree in Global Human Resource Management, and a Doctorate in Leadership and Organization, and my other certifications in Diplomacy and Conflict Management.

What people say about Dr. Kwame Gilbert

Bishop Dave BurtonThis past weekend we had Dr. Kwame Gilbert come and conduct an incredible transformational leadership seminar which I highly recommend to anyone in ministry and business.

Ravi Inderjeit, General Manager - Matrix LogisticsWorking with Dr. Kwame over the last three to four month, he brought to light some skills that I probably wouldn't have realized I had. I found the situation leadership coaching invaluable. to my leadership style and my team.